Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweetsauer Photo Hunt

I am moving this very weekend, and I didn't start this hunt until the middle of here's the best I can do! I missed a couple (sorry!!) It was fun! Thanks for the challenge!

1. Cool or interesting architecture

2. A sign of Spring/Autumn (So. Hemi)

3. Something musical

4. Something sweet

5. Something metallic

6. A landscape

7. An interesting doorway

8. A reflection

9. A cemetery

10. A pair of shoes

11. A body of water

12. A drink

13. A mosaic or mural

14. Rain

15. Classic car (1970 or older)

16. A work of art

17. A church

18. A statue

19. An interesting sky

20. Something in motion

21. Lights at night

22. A silhouette

23. Something historical (pre-1900)

24. A shot from an unusual perspective

25. Flowers

26. Self-Portrait

The only picture I "edited" was the butterfly picture. I was just trying out the program that my hubby showed me. I wanted to make the butterfly pop! Oh ya, I also did "steal" my sky photo from my Summer photos! That's the only one not taken in April!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

My little man going for a morning stroll.

Photo challenge.......

My friend Jen has started a photo blog Phun with Photography just for fun. (like us moms need more things to do!! LOL) But here I go with one too! Not sure yet how much I will be able to get on here but it will be fun to try! Here's one I am somewhat working on. Click on the link sweetsauer to see the 26 things for the month of April. I am a little "nervous", I started this challenge late, and at this point I only have two pics to post out of 26!