Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweetsauer Photo Hunt

I am moving this very weekend, and I didn't start this hunt until the middle of here's the best I can do! I missed a couple (sorry!!) It was fun! Thanks for the challenge!

1. Cool or interesting architecture

2. A sign of Spring/Autumn (So. Hemi)

3. Something musical

4. Something sweet

5. Something metallic

6. A landscape

7. An interesting doorway

8. A reflection

9. A cemetery

10. A pair of shoes

11. A body of water

12. A drink

13. A mosaic or mural

14. Rain

15. Classic car (1970 or older)

16. A work of art

17. A church

18. A statue

19. An interesting sky

20. Something in motion

21. Lights at night

22. A silhouette

23. Something historical (pre-1900)

24. A shot from an unusual perspective

25. Flowers

26. Self-Portrait

The only picture I "edited" was the butterfly picture. I was just trying out the program that my hubby showed me. I wanted to make the butterfly pop! Oh ya, I also did "steal" my sky photo from my Summer photos! That's the only one not taken in April!


  1. Laurie - you did a fantastic job of this challenge! I have lots to comment on, but I can't right now... :) stay tuned! ;)

  2. Hi Laurie,
    You did a great job with your photos! I really like your photo of the sculpture! Have a great day!!


  3. Nice job!!! You can still add the missing ones throughout the week :)
    I will be hosting another Photo Hunt during the month of June :)

  4. "A pair of shoes" is my favourite from your great collection.

  5. Some of your photos have gone missing, but I really like the ones I can see.

  6. You've done well, I love them!
    The shoes ( boots) and the one with your boy made me smile, they're so sweet!
    Good luck in the nhew house!

  7. nice shots! Good luck, hope you enter in the next hunt

  8. I like 2 and 10 very much!

  9. Your unusual perspective and shoes were my favorites. Good job! Wasn't this fun?!

  10. Nice work! I think we missed the exact same shots...LOL! Oh and our unusual perspectives are the same general concept...*GRIN* Great minds think alike huh? Haha! Great pics!

  11. Great pics! I love your interesting sky.